Blackberry Platinum

Checking out an unbranded Blackberry Platinum today. Listed as AAAA, it was the quad qualitative claim that motivated me to buy it.

Buyer Motivation

Quad A qualitative claim


Prominent trichomes offer the greatest evidence for the quad A designation, the rest of it looks rather rugged. Trim is poor, so there is very little surface detail visible. Colouring is nothing fancy, size is acceptable.


These buds feel firm but tender, grinds to a fluffier mix.


Scents are puckered berry and fruit on the low side bisected by burbly pine and dirty fuel wake.


Frontage on the tastes are velvety earths and dry wood with aromatic spices. More Kush than Blackberry.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $8.20, very competitive for a single gram, not so competitive for an ounce.


Greatly depends on your expectation of it, because the quality is fairly basic and won’t satisfy high expectations. But there was enough to appreciate it.

Consumer Benefits

Good picture of the tastes, for a fairly cheap price

Consumer Pains

Not really quad quality


Single gram price, qualitative claim


Payment options, vendor type

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