Grew one plant of Jordan of the Islands BlackBerry Mouth.

This is a cross of Dungeon Vault’s Foul Mouth (Dookies x Grandpa’s Breath) with Jordan of the Island’s Blackberry Kush.

For anyone wondering, Dookies is pronounced like Cookies, it is a Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies. And while we’re doing it, Grandpa’s Breath is an OG Kush Breath crossed to a Grand Daddy Purple, Tahoe OG cross, also done by Dungeon Vault.


Grow was hydroponic, flowered under LED light for between 60 to 70 days alongside a male plant.




Dry was four days in total. Once out of the dry room, the plant material was deconstructed above mechanical screen for dry sifting. The material was left within the filter for 24 hours, agitated once more before the seeds were separated out, and the dry sift was collected from the substrate material.



Approximately 350 seeds were recovered. Additionally, about 32 grams of plant material, including several seeds and stems, were recovered from the trim bin. Four grams of dry sift was recovered from beneath the mechanical screen.


Dry Sift Press

The four grams of dry sift were pressed using a 15-micron screen at varying temperatures and pressures. Minimum temperature was 175 degrees Fahrenheit and maximum temperature was 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The initial press was done at very low pressure and was increased incrementally.


The dry sift yielded 0.69g of buttery rosin.


Flower Press

The 32 grams of plant material recovered from the trim bin was pressed using bottle technique. The substrate material was placed in a 90 micron bag and both bags were pressed together. Both bags were loaded side-by-side, neither pressed perpendicularly to the press plate.


After first press, I pressed each 90 micron bag separately, before increasing the pressure and temperature. After separate presses were performed I placed both 90 Micron bags back and press them together at 205 degrees Fahrenheit.


I found the rosin output from the plant material hard to pick up using a dab tool. I left it out in the open at room temperature to congeal and wasn’t able to pick it up for 48 hours.


The flower yielded about 2 grams of rosin of various grades.

On average, colouring is darker, is less viscous and was difficult to pull off the parchment as a result.

The material was placed in an open glass jar and exposed to the atmosphere at room temp for 48 hours. Colouring is golden amber, consistency is sappy.

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