This flower was sent in to me by @JamaicanRios, it’s Jordan of the Islands Blackberry Hammer.


Blackberry Hammer is a cross of Jinxproof’s 9lb Hammer with Jordan’s own Blackberry Kush. The cultivar is a fast flowering (7-8.5 weeks), heavy yielding plant.

Jamaican Rios (JR) notes this cultivar was grown in soil from regular seed under a mix of HPS and LED light. This was one plant grown in a space a bit larger than 100 square feet in area.


Buds have a good amount of frost on them, causing their appearance to look a bit lighter. Shape ranges from spherical to jagged with slight fox tailing at some apexes. Buds are a bit looser and airy in morphology, I imagine this wasn’t a pleasure to trim.


Scents are a peaked intersection of low tone sweets and high frequency fuels, the polarity is interesting. The base is somewhat puckered, sweets proceeding towards gassy tang.

Flavours are topped with shallow florals with the majority interpreting deeply sweet, almost carbonated towards the terminal end of its depth. With use, the flavours smooth out to reveal a rough berry note. The character is caramelized gristly berry, much like how a Dr. Pepper is.


I’m going to run this Blackberry Hammer myself. It’s really helpful to try cultivars before you go to the trouble of growing them, so it was nice of JR to send this to me. Big thanks to him.

We’ll be looking at a few more examples of Jamaican Rio’s work over the coming weeks. We have a few more Jordan’s to go through as well as some interesting flowers grown from bag seed.

I’ll leave you with a summary map of gifts that have been sent to me.

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