This is Mosca’s Black Pineapple, one I grew myself using DWC hydro, an LED light and with water from my fish tank.

These seeds are from a ‘limited breeder pack’, cost was around $200USD. A bit expensive, but was in my comfort zone for this breeder.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mosca, I’d tell you they are likeable two ways. They create new and interesting cultivars, and also preserve the work of others. An example of the latter, this Black Pineapple contains the Brother’s Grimm Cinderella 99, which Mosca has inbred for their own version. They also have something called Old Time Moonshine, a hash plant type created by DJ Short, who also created Blueberry. Mosca also has new creations, and in an upcoming review we’ll look at one, the Dancing Queen, a Sharon White Widow crossed to Bodhi’s Phone Home (Wookie x Triangle Kush).

don’t be too distracted by the good looks, this plant can also hold its own.

Obviously, the special sauce of this cultivar is the colouring, but I’d also relate to you that this plant grew with relative ease inside a manageable form. So don’t be too distracted by the good looks, this plant can also hold its own.

Black Pineapple’s lineage includes a Cinderella 99, Love Potion #1 cross called Limon Y Pinya #3 (also by Mosca) and I think it brings some acidic fruits to the flavour profile. The other counterpart of the cross is Purple (Pakastani) Chitral Kush, which I think brings some bitter protein into the mix. Flavour-wise, its an odd pairing. I don’t feel overly positive or negative about it. But it is different, which I tend to appreciate a bit more in a time where the popular trend exists around sweet fuel flavours.

Grows as good as it looks. Tastes are a bit different. And I’d imagine this cultivar is fairly rare in the market. Thanks for reading, hope it gives you some insight into Mosca’s Black Pineapple, should you ever encounter it.

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    June 2, 2021

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