At best, is a qualitative market study, representative of a small section of cannabis products available in Canada. At worst, it’s a cannabis product review site, written from one person’s perspective, and is limited thusly, either way.

If you’ll divulge my admission, I am often compelled to partake in the aristocratic discourse on pricing between legitimate and nefarious markets and, as I consider the transgression relatively inconsequential, I thought it prudent to offer my perspective on the matter.¬†Unfortunately, it is from the aforementioned confine between mediocrity and subjectivity, respectively, that I offer this initial review as one of several offerings from a particular vendor not participating in legal channels.

Two motivators drove me to this vendor; their attributions to the grower, breeder and lineage, and the inclusion of cannabinoid content information in some offerings. Largely, quantifying these particular listings against common metrics in legal markets (content and date information) is not possible. Therefore, those sections are excluded where necessary. Aside from the compromise on some measures, the reviews continue intact.

Within this slight shift in phase I wish to recount to you, the reader, my completion of over 150 reviews of legal cannabis products from November 2018 to November 2019, the first year of Canada’s legalization. For these malfeasant reviews, we will move forward by way of the measurements taken the first year, showing price within the context of the average my purchase history, as well as at the package size and cultivar levels; the same as I do for legal cannabis. By way of this automated methodology, I will provide comment on these prices within the context of my purchase history.

As the housekeeping items are now complete, it is with my thoroughest of apologies that I expose you to today’s review: Black Cherry Soda. Bred by Subcool, or the breeder formerly known as TGA Subcool, and grown by Kootenay Select Flowers.

The camera had an issue with face detection on this day, so the wide shots are blurry (read: I turned the setting off by mistake). But I had to ask myself, how is this not an improvement over my other videos?


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