Big Sleepy Gorilla

CUltivar Info

This is Big Sleepy Gorilla, another cultivar I cannot track via the name.


Cannabinoid Content

This was entered into the CBD dominant category, it tested at 16% CBD, with a negligible amount of THC. Total cannabinoid content differed by half percent from the contest average.  Also made a half percent CBG and a fifth point of CBN, probably why the gorilla is sleepy.

What I’d relate to you is this entry made good content in terms of this contest, but is also above average content when I compare it to the average from the legal market for a CBD cultivar which, off the top of my head, is about 15-16% CBD.



All the bags I received for this contest were labeled by a number only, I didn’t know which entries were CBD dominant and which ones were THC dominant.

Two interesting things to note about this CBD cultivar. It doesn’t taste like Cannatonic. I thought it had notes of cool fruit, spanning from top to bottom. Secondly, by what I wrote about it, I could tell the strength was lower, but I didn’t go as far as to call it a CBD cultivar.



Big Sleepy Gorilla placed for the highest CBD flower. Wasn’t a top pick of mine but I rated it above average. Check out what I wrote below.

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