Across the board, JWC’s production of Dr. Greenthumb’s Big Laughing is simply superb.

I’ve reviewed 4 cultivars produced by JWC so far. I’m beyond impressed with the quality– whatever they choose to grow is well done. This Big Laughing is my new favourite, I think it’s the best thing they do. Visually, I have no complaints. By olfaction, it’s far superior to most of what I’ve seen; regardless of legal status. Sincerely, it’s top of the line.

The cultivar we review today is named Big Laughing. JWC’s version makes just over 20% THC and is caryophyllene dominant, which I’d argue is fairly useless information to have without the sum terpene content. Packaging date was February 11 2019 and we review it over two months later.

I had to search a bit to find the genetic source, this cultivar doesn’t have much presence in traditional markets. attributes it to a Canadian breeding outfit called Dr. Greenthumb.

The Dr. doesn’t give a lineage for the Big Laughing on the website instead, calling it mostly indica. Attributes for the plant are listed, this Big Laughing flowers in 60 days average and yields 400g per square meter average. The description says, in big red printing, “REALLY DOES PRODUCE FITS OF LAUGHTER”, which caused me to chuckle.

Visuals on JWC’s version are above standard. The buds have good size and structure, but they aren’t massive or flecked with pretty colours. They’re basically good, not scanty or lacking by any measure.

I review this Big Laughing at 14% RH, I let it equilibrate inside the container over ~60 days of storage. After two months, the buds are dry, but the density and structure makes them difficult to crumble by hand. With enough pressure, it is possible to crush them.

Grinds to small particles, which I want, for increased surface area. I zoomed in on what I could find.

Scent of these flowers are pine forward, blisteringly so. Secondary notes are volatile fuel and greasy citrus. It’s cerebral, the scents are potent enough to cause blushing. I would have difficulty differentiating this from JWC’s Holy Grail Kush, they both have similar olfactory frontage.

This flavour profile has multiple characters, like a dissociated identity. Greasy, battery-acid-citrus and gassy pines are the frontage of the flavours, they’re nearly unrelenting. With use, the aggressive flavours begin to fade slightly, allowing softer afghani powders and rich varnish to manifest. The dynamism is exceptional. Pushy twice, comforting once, delightfully abusive. I think it’s a magnificent composition, you might not feel the same, but most will have to relent, this is a spectacle.

There are a few reviews where I reach this point with the feeling of “ah who cares what it costs?”, this is one of them. Although I may feel like that for a single splurge, this Big Laughing is priced at $11 per gram in a 5 gram package. For bulk purchases, you can get it for $8.67 per gram, which is about $225 per ounce. Still expensive, but I don’t think you can get quality like this from any other producer, legal or not.

This is the part where I’d recommend similar listings or find a better price somewhere else. Not here, there’s nothing like it, I have no graph for you. Try JWC’s Big Laughing, or don’t. But if you do, when the flavours roll off your tongue, dazzling your synapses, you’ll say to yourself: damn, that napping breakfast cat was right.

Dr. Greenthumb genetics are expensive, ten regular Big Laughing seeds are $300CAD. Like I said above, yield and timing are average indoors (60 day, 400g/sq m from a 8″ plant when flower period starts). Outdoors, this finishes approximately October 1st, I assume this is in Ontario, where Dr. Greenthumb is located. Although the genetics are expensive, those costs become less relevant as your yields increase.

Grow your own. I often suggest retail cannabis is like going out for dinner, it’s expensive, and there’s advantages to cooking your own food at home most of the time, which I recommend you do, figuratively. Along the same avenue, I feel like JWC is like going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant because, frankly, I don’t think I can cook this well.

Welcome to, where no review would be complete if I didn’t complain a bit.

JWC doesn’t list their genetic sources. I am guessing on this Big Laughing, confidently so, because I couldn’t find a duplicate listing. They didn’t rename it, making things more difficult, but it would be nice to know for sure.

JWC’s Big Laughing is caryophyllene dominant (29%) with a ocimene secondary (17%). They show a relative terpene graph on their website, which I didn’t even bother talking about. For something this good, you can show the actual numbers. By my taste, this makes about 3% total terpene content, if 29% of that is caryophyllene we’re looking 0.87% caryophyllene, which looks like a high estimate. Alas, we suffer from guessing.

The container JWC uses is probably the worst legal cannabis has to offer, but the bud inside wears a cute little tinfoil hat. I think it came with a humidipak, which I just slam dunked that in the trash because I planned to vaporize this cannabis.

One of two things I like best about JWC is their ability to take cultivars from the traditional market and produce them really well, their latest release of several ‘exclusive’ offerings seems to be a departure from that. I’m not knocking it, but wanted to leave on this note. JWC’s product quality is so good I’m going to come back, despite the compromise in the way I prefer to select cannabis.

Forcing my own re-evaluation of legal cannabis is the 2nd thing I like about JWC. If you’ve ever felt critical of Canada’s legalization, you need to try this Big Laughing. Plainly put, product quality was exceptional and the two-stage olfactory profile of the Big Laughing is exquisite. If you ask me, if you really like cannabis, legal status shouldn’t steer your purchasing decision, and that works both ways.
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