Doing an unbranded Big Buddha Cheese here today.

The thing about cheese strains, is they smell flowery but taste off-putting. With this one, it’s a bit softer, perhaps because of the Afghani parent.


Said to be a pairing of Cheese and Afghani parents.

Buyer Motivation

I try to like cheese, and cheese strains of cannabis.


Small buds, not enough shape to describe. Up close it’s clean, free of any hair or any other detractions I could observe, save for a few immature seeds. Good enough, but not good.


Feel is ok. Chewy in the grinder with heavier grinds.


Profile seems to ascend rather than descend. Frontage is spunky sulphured earths that ride up to a fuzzy parmesan with sharp cheddar combo. It reaches with a funky punch.


Frontage is clean herb, slightly biting with near skunk with metal tinge, new pine with a strange floral herbal blend at the finish. Leave is herbal, bringing a clean feeling to the palate.

Value Statement

Price was $5.45, single gram. Value isn’t bad at this price point; well under average for most sections of the market.


Overall impression benefits from Cheese’s pungent, yet friendly aroma, which bud size had little effect on in this case.

Consumer Benefits

Aroma, profile, price.

Consumer Pains

Not spectacular quality.


Strain name and price are the primary drivers to this listing.


Vendor type stuff, they don’t take credit cards.

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