Edible Reviews

Second in the set of 7 chocolate reviews here.

All reviews were completed concurrently, within about an hour.

And there’s no set protocol. I make sensory observations, and provide comment based on my personal preferences.

Consumer Report

I’ve decided not to add price and content calculations to this review. Instead, check this link for a report that covers all chocolate products from a consumer’s perspective. 


I once gunned a Dodge SX 2.0 in reverse. Cracked the engine block, and coolant leaked into the oil. Had the block sealed but it was never the same. Every time I ran the heat, it smelled like warm maple syrup inside the car. And this is a similar experience; smells like warm maple syrup, very prominent when opening the packages.


Chocolate appears darker then the previous one I reviewed (Daily Special Caramel Mocha Milk Chocolate).

The chocolate has cracks and creases transecting the width, doesn’t seem to bisect.


Flavours are full bodied earths, near fruity like amaretto, leaving an aftertaste of thick liqueur. Flavour is dessert like. Caramel tastes are subtle, if there. Taking a back seat to the full bodied fruit and earths.

No cannabis tastes detected.

Leaves a prominent taste on the palate, which I wash off with Coop Red Ale.


I feel like this may have been the ‘best’ chocolate, I am just too inexperienced to appreciate it. The flavour was robust, and included many secondary notes; it wasn’t just uniform chocolate. Although the tastes were interesting, for me it was almost too much.

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