Doing Berry White today. Or more generally, Blue Widow, maybe White Berry, or sometimes Blue Venom.

This one is by a company called Toronto Herbal Remedies (THR) and is sold under a brand called Caliber. 

Just an interesting BTW, Canna Farms also lists their Blue Dream with this lineage (Blueberry, White Widow) in the Alberta Cannabis store. If you’re unfamiliar, Blue Dream is generally accepted to be a Blueberry, Super Silver Haze cross. Not sure if this is a mistake or not, you’d have to see it to know, and I haven’t… so it’s an interesting BTW.

This offering was released into the Alberta market at $13.99, which is the price point I purchased it at. Later on, the price was lowered. Not going to check, but I think I saw it around $9 later on.

I forgot to take pictures of Berry, so I have the photo of the very last bud. You’ll just have to take my word for it. I did take a video of it. But on that note,  I’ve been saving a bunch of time on this website by not editing or posting the videos, which I look forward to continuing.

This cannabis is overpriced and under performing. It’s produced by Toronto Herbal Remedies, who got a haircut in Alberta recently. That’s the basic story here.

Now, mostly for my pleasure, I have made a bunch of Caliber references in the summary. None are very good, I bookended the paragraph with the same pun, but they are the best part of this review.

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