BCCannabisStores.com Value Report, Dried Flower

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This report looks at dried cannabis listings from bcacannabisstores.com below one standard deviation from the average price per gram of the store. We’re looking at whole flower only here, no pre-rolls.

I live in Alberta, this analysis is written over the mountains. My hope is it provides some omniscience within the value price segment for BC consumers. There’s a fair bit more variety in BC than in Alberta, so I’ll provide links to offerings I’ve reviewed, but keep in mind, I lack first hand experience on most, we’re just looking at the numbers.

We’re going to look at a high level summary of listings for this online store. The first thing to notice is how the wide price margin is, and how low the average and median are within the margin. There are some high priced offerings in this store but the glut of the listings sits far below $10.00 per gram. We’ll be looking even lower, below the $7.14 per gram level.

In the graph below, we’re looking at the price per gram span in the bccannabisstore.com store. The listings we’re going to look at are found below the grey box, which denotes a standard deviation above and below the average price per gram.

At the time of writing there are 52 listings a standard deviation below the average price for the store. I’ve tabulated them according to producer and their listing title with prices for each package size. I’ll make some observations on the data below. Summary data is shown in the table, click/hover the cells for more information.

Many single grams are available at $6.99 per gram

Single gram purchases are good way to try different producers and cultivars. I’d call $7 per gram an accessible price to explore and consumers benefit from a lot of choice, I can find just under 25 listings at this level. This is a good place to find out which listings are worth a bulk purchase.

Furthermore, there appears to be a collection of producers on the bottom of this list (Seven Oaks, Solace and Aurora) each with one single gram listing at the $7 price point. These producers also have more expensive listings in the store, but again, this is a good price point to test their quality to see if you want to spend a bit more on something else they offer.

THC BioMed is the least expensive producer

Store wide, THC BioMed has the least expensive prices and has attractive bulk discounts. Their single grams are not comparatively attractive, so use them to save money in bulk purchases, but less for variety. I’ve reviewed a few of their offerings, quality is rough around the edges, but their low price point brings value to the product. If looking for bottom price value, also check out….

Maricann, and then CannTrust

I’ve completed two reviews of Maricann product, quality was adequate for both and they were priced well below average, I favour them for that reason. In the BC online store, all their single grams are $6.99 and you can save about 15% buying in bulk if you decide go that route.

CannTrust is next in line for least expensive and most of their offerings are available in single gram packages with 15% bulk discounts as well. My experience with them has been hit or miss, but at these prices, you’ll be better to see for yourself.

Some bulk discounts are comparable with the black market average

By my measure, 15% is a normal bulk discount on an ounce purchase, 20% is a good, and anything higher is a deal. We have smaller package sizes in this store, but discounts are comparable to illicit markets, I think that’s favourable to consumers. 

The rule of thumb I’d suggest for this segment is look for bulk listings where price per gram drops more than a dollar off the single gram price. So for these $7 per single grams you’d want to be under $6 per gram for larger purchases. Most of the top half of this list fits into this category.

Some bulk discounts are not attractive

Using the same rule of thumb you can easily tell which bulk discounts aren’t attractive, like Canopy Growth’s Plain Packaging products, the Aphria stuff, Spinach, Seven Oaks and certain Redecan listings. Also note where there isn’t a bulk discount, such as on Solace’s Paradise and Aurora’s MK Ultra.

Remember, this exercise is about value, so all of these listing are still well below the average of the store. But, with all the selection at the single gram level, I’m not so sure it’s worth the 3.5 gram purchase for Canopy or Aphria in order to save the $0.52.

Similarly, for the 7 Oaks and Spinach offerings in 3.5 and 7 gram packages, the potential savings is also $0.52 between the two package sizes. I’d say you get more value with a variety of cultivars, but others may value the consistency of larger purchases.

Check your upside

I like to think about spending like speeding, both are functions of time (for most people). If I’m going to speed down one road everyday, I want to know the payoff for the risk in units of time. Is it enough for a vacation? or just a short nap?

What’s the upside of buying one deviation below the market average? We’re looking at about a 25% discount over the average, so 4 grams purchased at the average equals 5 grams purchased one standard deviation below the average. Looking a different way, $100 expenditure nets ~10 grams at the average price and ~14 grams for purchases one standard deviation below the average.

For the casual user, I’d say disregard everything you read in this post, just buy single grams at whatever price you don’t balk at. Once you start using more than 50 grams in a year, come on back, I’ll have some new price stuff for you by then.

For the regular user, the upside is attractive. Three grams a day is about 1,100 grams per year. At the average price for this store, the cost is $10,219 per year for that amount. Buying a deviation below the average saves you over $2000, bringing costs down to $7821, we’re into vacation territory already. Buying only THC BioMed at $5.71 per gram brings it down to $6,281, saving another $1600 about. Even if you don’t for every purchase, you can really cut your costs but purchasing under the average just some of the time.

And remember, this store is bottom heavy, most of the listings are below the average. You have a lot of choice at the belt line and you don’t miss a large amount of offerings by avoiding the higher priced listings in this store.

Alright, I’ll leave you with the table, slightly modified to show the distance in price between each separate offering and also bulk discounts of the same offering. You can filter the data by package size and/or brand. Further information is shown by tapping or hovering over each data point.

Like I said above, I hope this helps consumers to save a bit of money. I’ve highlighted these listings via their numbers but ultimately, its up to the consumer to decide what works best.

Thanks for reading my work, I wish you the best of luck in your purchases.

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