It’s Squid Pants and today I am looking at some gifted cannabis from Jon Grow.  This isn’t a commercial offering, it’s from a personal grow and I’m quite thankful for receiving this.

Banana Thai X Sundae Driver

The breeder behind this cross is Riot Seeds.  Their goal in this cross appears to be an attempt at making a fruit salad that can be ingested by inhalation.

  • Banana Thai is from Riot Seeds and they describe it as “Juicy Fruit Thai x Platinum Banana OG BX1”.
  • Sundae Driver is from Cannarado, here the genetics are Fruity Pebbles OG X Grape Pie and I think I should seek some of this on its own out as that sounds great.

This one I have only smoked in joint form so not sure how this presents in a vaporizer.  Scents and tastes are banana, mint and a surprise hint of fuel.  The sweetness comes out while combusting which makes the banana come across as slightly under ripe, like a banana one day short of perfect ripeness.  To be fair to some people that’s the perfect stage of ripeness.

Visually the shape of the buds are well defined (I’ll save you all the abstract algebra jokes here) and the colouring is luxurious, deep dark greens and some darker accents.  Trim is very good and the trichome coverage is dense.  Feel is dense with a springy return, grinds satisfyingly with nice fluffy grinds that are easy to roll.

Closing Comments

This was a nice treat with some sweet tastes that would appeal to a wide audience.  I’m happy to have paid this one a visit.  No one is offering this at the present time and Riot Seeds do not presently list this on their website but you may be able to track down a seed pack somewhere if you want to try giving this a grow yourself.

Thanks again to Jon Grow for some really enjoyable cannabis!


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