Back Forty delivers appealing visuals, likeable olfaction, at an attractive price with their version of Seed Junky’s Animal Mints.

Animal Mints

Seedfinder lists Seed Junky’s Animal Mints as BC Bud Depot’s Animal Cookies with Sin City’s Sin-Mint Cookies. You see Animal Mints in a few subsequent crosses that are available in the Canadian legal system, Kush Mints #11, for instance.


I thought visuals were really good overall. Coverage and surface development were appealing. The colouring was interesting and became more prevalent after the flower was ground. Trim was ok. My package came with a small scatter of leafy shake and there was one smaller bud with predominantly yellow/amber trichomes, which I’d relate are inconsequential detractions.


I called the feel ‘neutral’ because my first impression was that the buds were firm and a tad dry. As I began to use all the buds in the package, I thought maybe it deserved a ‘good’ rating, but I ended up leaving it. The feel doesn’t disappoint, but lacks the soft features you might associate with ‘good’ feel.


Scents are cool, sweet and earthy. None of the components are overly pungent; the scents aren’t loud. What is does have is a lasting quality, like caramelized sugar or a gourmand fragrance; it’s low vibration with a wealthy presence.


Like the scents, the taste profile is cool, creamy earths. The individual parts of the composition don’t stray far their sum; it’s a collection of like tastes, none of which are very offensive, which gives it the potential for wide appeal.


Previous to this review, comparisons to fresh product within the price segment, for this package size, were made up of products from Delta 9, which were of notably poor quality, and a series of reviews I wrote on products I purchased from a legacy vendor called Doob Dasher, which I really enjoyed, and tend to use as a comparative point for ideal value.

I think a 3.5g package should be offered to the consumer at about $20-$25, on average. Which is not indicative of the average price I’ve been able to purchase this package size at, I usually pay much more. As such, this offering is calculated to be ‘exceptional ‘ value, which I wouldn’t dispute. Additionally, there is a bulk listing for this offering, which brings the price into the $3 range. 

Qualitatively, apart from the way the flower felt, I didn’t find much room to argue the downsides. Lovers of freakish flavour profiles might find the tastes here too conventional for their preferences, but it is hard to deny the appeal, especially towards those looking for more comfortable, dessert-type tastes.

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