Aurora thoroughly disappoints with their Aurora Aces THC Indica Pre-Roll product, which includes a large amount of mature and immature seeds.

This is my 4th pre-roll that I’ve removed from the paper and so far, they all have had seeds inside. I’ve reviewed a bunch of respectable Aurora whole flower products and their Sour Tangie is one of my most memorable favourites. When I saw all the seeds contained in their Aces pre-rolls, I was surprised to see this low level of product quality from Aurora. Similar to the Aprhia pre-rolls, both Organigram offerings and the Starseed pre-roll, this contains a countless amount of seeds.

The unboxing video for these Aces is included, it shows the packaging, the pre-rolls and the weighing process. I selected one pre-roll to weigh, and found it was accurate to the contents displayed on the box (0.5 grams).

These Aurora Aces are priced at $11.29 per gram of seedy cannabis grounds, rolled into two pre-rolls. Cannabinoid content was around 20% THC, which would be pretty decent. I can also find them in three other provincial web stores (BC, Ontario and Quebec). Quebec actually lists their Indica blend as a mix of MK Ultra and GrandDaddy Purple, perhaps this is what was received here, the Alberta Cannabis website doesn’t specify. It’s cheapest in BC, where a similar 1g package would have cost $8.99 per 1 gram. In Ontario, it’s $14.95 per gram, last time they were available.

The Aurora Aces were rolled with bleached paper with a bleached filter. Contents were removed from one pre-roll and used to tare the scale to weigh the other. The pre-roll contents was 0.5 grams. The contents were removed from the remaining pre-roll for photographing before being retuned to the original Aces box.

We’ll get into the pictures next, wide views first and then we’ll look up close. Below, the majority of the contents are shown but the seeds are difficult to notice with the naked eye.

Zooming in a bit, you’d still have to really look to notice the seeds.

Now we can begin to notice the large, mature seeds that are contained within these Aurora Aces cannabis grounds.

There is a large amount of seeds contained in this cannabis blend. When you zoom in, its not hard to find collections of 3 – 5 seeds.

Here’s a stem and a few more seeds.

And here’s a lone seed I zoomed in on, looks pretty cute.

There we go, Aurora Aces Indica, affected by a ton of seeds. Had higher expectations on this one, but regardless, there it is. Not mad, its fine, I really did buy this just to rip it open.

On my larger ranked list, I chose to put it behind Organigram’s Casa Blanca flower, which also had seeds, and ahead of Embelm’s grotesque Bella Luna. Of the 68 different offerings I’ve reviewed so far, these Aurora Aces are a solid 63, not at all recommendable.

Still haven’t seen a usable pre-roll yet. Like true love and leprechauns, good pre-rolls may not actually exist, but I’ll still wade through the constant disappointment to find evidence. Which I do expect to find, just not in my province. So, please join me for that road trip in the future, but maybe, also learn to roll a joint or grab a vaporizer.

This offering was purchased from the ALGC Alberta Cannabis website. Check out this review summary of all my purchases from this vendor.

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