Looking at Apricot Kush here today, which, according to me, is a cultivar named after one of the more unpopular fruits.

Vancouver Seed Bank lists this one as being bred by Ancestral Seeds but doesn’t give the lineage.

Buyer Motivation



The single gram was one bud, a terminal node with two lower buds. Surface detail is good in the upper hemisphere, the surface gives way to a leafier facet in the lower hemisphere. Coverage looks good, colouring looks standard.


Feel is great, the bud isn’t so dense so it feels spongey.


Tart sours on the frontage hit first. Thin, like a wedge, opening the sinus up to a gritty fruit tone, tropical, with a layer of vanilla in the wake. Notes of pine are secondary. Character is as per the name.


Frontage on the tastes is clean linen, offset by the hollow hay/grass taste you might associate with outdoor. Character is spicy fruit over green salad; tastes like old celery soaked in apricot juice.

Value Statement

Price for this offering is $2.99 per gram, that’s an $85 ounce. This is about the bottom of the barrel for price of whole flower.


The profile was interesting and the olfactory magnitude was about standard. If It’s outdoor, it lacked some of the negative tastes you might expect to see there.

Consumer Benefits

Great price for average quality.

Consumer Pains

Excess caution. I’d be on the lookout for large problems with the flower at this price point; bugs, mould or insects.


Price. Regional tastes. One liners from The Office; ‘Apricots made of real apes.’


One of the only offerings on the site that’s listed as being below 20% THC, this one has 17%, which is average listed content for a THC dominant offering.

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