Apple Fritter showcases fresh tastes with marginal looks and tactile quality.

Green apple is the worst type of Jolly Rancher. After that it’s watermelon. I actually don’t really enjoy apple flavoured products, they’re always too much Granny Smith and not enough Red Delicious. But I’ll do an apple fritter, those are nice. And today, we’re going to review an Apple Fritter, the cannabis version.

This Apple Fritter was produced by Island Vibes on Vancouver Island, supposedly, it stems from a super skunk.

Not much is known about the lineage here, I’ve seen a few apples that have Sour Diesel, and the famed Brothers Grimm cultivar, Cinderella 99, but I am not sure this apple is one of them. Maybe this is a derivative, maybe not.

Visuals on the Apple Fritter are standard. Lighter hues of green and orange. Nothing to write home about but noting to complain about.

This Apple Fritter flower is completely dry, you can crush it with a pinch and disintegrate it with some friction.

Moisture content seems low, grinds fine, almost powder like. I found one nearly developed seed. I see cannabis with small, immature flowers more commonly than instances like this with singular, larger seeds. From a functional stance, the larger, less plentiful seeds are better because you can just pick them out.

Scent of the Apple Fritter is pine forward with higher frequency citrus. Somewhat unassuming, the profile embodies some skunk character, perhaps with some OG pines mixed. Seems unfamiliar, yet not.

Flavours of the Apple Fritter surprise with some stringent citrus on the frontage. The character here is tart but not overly sour, fading to sweet candied edges overtopped by a base of nutty earths. Secondary notes of pinewood are also at play here, but are only complementary. I found the tastes unfamiliar and unexpectedly likeable.

This Apple Fritter was $11 per single gram, and the vendor is AC Medical. I have little to compare it to, I’ve found very few Apple-type cultivars available.

In the map below, I’ve widened the filter to include anything with the name Apple. The sample set is still tiny.

This Apple Fritter was good to try once. Quality was nothing to boast about, but the unfamiliar (to me) olfaction was an interesting first experience. Price was above the market average for untested cannabis, but there really isn’t much to compare it to. Still, probably not a worthwhile endeavour, this Apple Fritter seems like a half step.

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