Aphria’s Pre-roll product of Alien Dawg (Solei Renew) contains a staggering amount of seeds.

The dried cannabis in this pre-roll is Aphria’s Alien Dawg or Solei Renew. Check back to my review of the dried flower product for lineage and observations on the cultivar’s flower. Seeds were found present in the flower version of Aphria’s Alien Dawg, we’ll see the same thing here in these pre-rolls, but the seeds are much larger and more numerous.

I’ve included an unboxing video for this review, for those looking to view the box and the pre-roll before the contents were removed. I weighed this pre-roll and found the contents weigh the proper amount, however, I did not separate all the seed from the actual dried cannabis to weigh the usable material from the unusable material.

This Aprhia Alien Dawg Pre-roll was $6.64 for 0.5 grams. The advertised THC content was 8%-18%, the actual content I received was about 16% THC.

The Aphria pre-roll was rolled using a bleached paper and a bleached filter. The contents were removed, weighed (0.5g) and placed back in the box for photograph. Afterwards, the contents were placed back in the box.

The rest of the review will be pictorial, we’ll just go through the pictures and note all the seeds contained in Aphria’s Alien Dawg Pre-Roll.

We start with some wider views, I thought these would be good to add so you can try to pick out the seeds like this is some type of adult Where’s Waldo book. I can count 11 seeds in the picture below, you can try to beat that score if you are as bored with this review as I am.

Another wide view below. Here’s another fun game, when compared to the number of seeds in the picture above, do you think there are more or less seeds in the picture below? The answer is, way more.

You’ll notice there is very little stem included here. Thats a nice thing I’m saying right now. Below, a picture of more seedy bud that came from a pre-roll you were supposed to smoke.

Here we are going to zoom in to see all the seedy goodness. As you can see, there are lots of seeds included in this Aprhia (Solei) Alien Dawg (Renew).

Here we are for some more. This one looks a bit better, only two seeds this time.

Alright, there you go, Aphria’s Alien Dawg Pre-Roll or Solei Renew Pre-Roll, either way it’s poor quality that you should skip. I have not yet purchased a pre-roll that I would recommend.

We’ll be back for another Pre-Roll review, this time it is Starseed’s Jack Herer. Like this review, we’ve also reviewed Starseed’s Jack Herer flower and found it also has seeds, so not surprised to see that it is also included in their pre-rolls.

This offering was purchased from the ALGC Alberta Cannabis website. Check out this review summary of all my purchases from this vendor.

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