This Annihilator surpasses retail cannabis quality both visually and in olfactory pronunciation but lacks the minimum standards like lab testing and production methodology background.

This is Annihilator is a sample of peer to peer cannabis. I’m aware of the price points, so we can talk about those within the context of the latest reviews.

Annihilator’s taste is polite but deceptively strong. The frontage notes are powdery floral violets and soft lavender tones, it drips linalool. The profile finishes with upsweeping sweets stemming from slightly resinous earths. The bottom of the profile is fleeting, the character here resides in the sweet florals which appear to have the most longevity in the profile.

Structure is hybrid-like. Buds are like an isosceles triangle, round at the bottom to a pointed tip. Firm density with slight pliability. The trim is close, similar to what we saw at 7ACRES. Looks good in the photos, nothing suspicious up close. Shows all the signs of upscale cannabis.

Lineage is unknown on the Annihilator, but it tastes like an Afghani. I’d call it similar to a Violator Kush, less Kush, more Malana florals and powders. There is a 2nd place winner in the 2014 Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Indica category called Annihilator, but little information is available otherwise. More prominent is the Annihilator Kush, a Death Bubba, Hindu Kush cross, I’d guess this is different from the singular Annihilator.

Price on the Annihilator is $7.14 per gram on a 28 gram bulk purchase and $2400 per pound ($5.29 per gram). It cannot be purchased by individual gram, but we can estimate by adding a rough average 20% price increase to bulk pricing which yields $8.57 per single gram. Quality is similar to the 7ACRES products we just reviewed, price is about 25% to 45% less.

This Annihilator is beyond great quality and way cheaper than most, although attractive, I would prefer to purchase it by individual gram instead of at the bulk level. A luxury I wouldn’t have if I didn’t grow my own cannabis. If I was limited to purchasing cannabis only, I’d have to make the choice to forgo testing and some convenience to save about $400-$800 per year (assuming 1000 gram per year intake). There is tested cannabis available at lower price points, but it requires sacrificing quality.

Up next, we’ll ratchet the price point down further to $5 per gram to review a cultivar similar to Tweed’s Highlands.

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