Thanks for joining me for today’s review, in the scope of the Taylor King home grown reviews, this is the boss fight. 

This is Animal Crashers #4, bred by Seed Junky. I can find a few listings for these seeds listed as “Sherb Crasher x Animal Face”, priced at $500USD a package, or $50 per regular seed. We’re in the upper crust of retail seed prices, by my measure.


This cross is done by Seed Junky, it’s a cross of their Sherb Crasher and their Animal Face.

Check back to the Harry Palms review to see more about the Wedding Cake lineage, Seed Junky’s Wedding Crasher brings Purple Punch into the mix. The Wedding Crasher is crossed with Sunset Sherbet to create Seed Junky’s Sherb Crasher.

Seed Junky uses Archive’s Face Off OG against their Animal Mint male for Animal Face, which is then crossed to their Sherb Crasher, which leads to the flower we review today; Animal Crashers.


Visuals are pure sex. Like Tyra Banks in Sports Illustrated, or a cut guy on the front of Men’s Health. A fluffy red velvet cupcake, a gentle sea breeze, or a briefcase full of cash. Could be a Mansard roof on a Victorian house, proving your flat Earth theory, or a Glock reflecting the moonlight. I don’t know what gets you off. Figured I’d hit the high points.


This flower is a no-look, 3-point swish. Has everything you’d want, in a magnitude where your knees might buckle if you look at it too much. Has good looks on the level of a super model. On the first night I had it, I woke up thinking about it, and I got up to make sure it was real.



At first, you rip into this flower like a hungry lion rips into a gazelle that’s recently taken a wrong step. You hardly realize the feel is flawless. I’ve had it a month now, still flawless. I really mean it, there’s not one complaint to make about it. It’s a shining new baby. Or like doing 200km/h on a new highway, smooth as glass.


After some time with it, I found good ritual pulling the individual segments off the larger stem, using each bud is a narrative in its own. With larger buds, I’ve argued previously there is a tactile experience that adds the overall experience, this has it in droves.



Frontage on the scents are funky fuel with acetone grace notes amidst a sweet base that seems rather frivolous. Most of the composition exists as vaporous petrol floating over organic solvent.



Frontage on the flavor is are a mixture of fuel and vanilla citrus, against a composition of sweet, spiced earths, that sum to the familiar tastes of cake. Every little bit of it is soaked in fuel, with acetone aura, but character manages to be sweet overall; the ubiquity of the harsh tones is overshadowed by the magnitude of the thick vanillas and complimentary citrus.



Effects are dizzying, not mesmerizing. Pleasantly cerebral. More relaxing than activating, I enjoyed it with my morning coffee and, found it just as much calming to my stomach as it was to my mind.

I found myself using little bits at a time. Strong enough to get wrecked off of, sure; I found myself with better equilibrium using about half of what I normally would. If I usually pack two Volcano chambers and run through them three times each. Here I’d do only one, and it would still have good taste when I ran it the next time. Not having seen the cannabinoid results yet, I’d guess content is a bit higher here, but I’m interested to see if that’s true.

Looks like 22.2% active THC content. No surprises here. 



I honestly can’t suggest a dimension that was lacking on this flower. I’m pretty confident there aren’t many flaws.

There was a single trim leaf left on the bud, an inconsequential amount, if you ask me. 

I thought it smoked fine. I smoked this with 5 other joints, all rolled the same. This performed better than average, for what it’s worth. I show pictures of the joint and ash, all white balance settings are the same throughout. The ash leans towards grey/black when compared to the group, if you ask me. Still, I report better than average performance.



Big thanks to Taylor King for gifting me this cannabis, and never giving me a hard time about how long it took me to review them.

Check back to my reviews of his other stuff; Harry Palms, Thug Pug’s Unicorn Poop and Capulator’s Orange Cookie MAC10.


Thanks very much for reading today’s review. 



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