Next up, we review Acreage Pharms’ offering of the Paradise Seed variety, All Kush. Only slightly better than past Acreage Pharms reviews, this flower has minuscule olfactory character and the scant visual appeal that this producer reliably demonstrates.

I’ve been critical of Acreage Pharms over my past two reviews. Generally, they offer low quality cannabis at a very high price. This All Kush tips the scale back with a lower price and a bit more taste, but still suffers from the underwhelming properties of other Acreage Pharms offerings, like crumbled bud structure and absent character. Which is a shame because Paradise’s All Kush has a classic profile.

Like many offerings in the Canadian recreational market, All Kush is bred by Paradise seeds. Although Paradise is rather ubiquitous, we’ll note below that All Kush is not. This cultivar has regional Afghani Kush tastes but Paradise notes they’ve worked it over multiple generations, blending in Dutch genetics. Paradise says it does well indoors, flowering in 56-60 days, and will produce a formidable sized plant when grown outdoors.

Bud structure of Acreage Pharms’ All Kush is liquid, meaning you better pour it out into a container, otherwise it will go everywhere. While other producer’s buds can be removed from their containers by hand, Acreage Pharms is poured like mixed gravel. In the package I received, there were two buds the size of an infant’s smallest toe. All other buds were crumble, so small you might guess they were broken up in a Hadron Collider, which is a physics joke… they’re tiny, that’s what I mean.

Although the structure is small, it’s prudent to mention here that this All Kush looks pretty flawless up close. There are no seeds or husks and very few discoloured areas. The trim is left a bit long, but I always note I consider some leaf with little consequence. After looking at the flowers up close, I began to grind them, somewhat hopeful, my heart opening to the possibility that Acreage Pharms may surprise with a punchy scent and flavour, only to be left hanging.

The scent of this All Kush is weak. I’d call it mild and somewhat bland with amorphous earths or musks, can’t really tell. But, let me tell you, add a bit of heat, and this thing has flavour. Blink and you’ll miss the taste, it’s fleeting, but in that brief moment it is pretty good.

The champion of the All Kush flavour profile is exotic spice, a wealth of them, it dances and spins auburn colours, shame the performance doesn’t last. The low tone of the profile is sweetened hash laden earths. I love profiles like this, they’re like slowly running your fingers across liquid velvet. Hypnotic, alluring, seductively plush. Acreage Phrarms’ All Kush hints at this, but ultimately, stands you up.

Acreage Pharms’ All Kush is priced at $11.49 per single gram, it’s their lowest priced offering on the Alberta Cannabis website. Perhaps worth a single try but it won’t be your regular. Those not seeking this type of flavour profile should look elsewhere. I’d look at the similarly priced San Rafael, Aurora or 7ACRES product. If you like the profile, you can get something adjacent from United Greeneries 8 Ball Kush with a slight increase in quality or the CannTrust Gold Kush with a large increase in quality.

CannTrust’s Gold Kush

Let me level with you, All Kush is worth a stop, Paradise Seeds did a great job with it. If you want it, Acreage Pharms has it in flower form, you’ll get the Readers Digest version, but it has a thrill or two. If you’re looking at dispensaries, this cultivar isn’t very prevalent. I cannot find it in the sections I track but it doesn’t mean you can’t find it. THC BioMed lists All Kush clones on their site for medical growers and they’ve had the flower in their store a time or two. You could also go directly to the breeder, Paradise Seeds. If you’re thinking of growing it, you’d be wise to try it first, and it appears Acreage Pharms is the only place to get it right now.

Up next we’ll look at another Starseed (Saturday Afternoon) offering. This one beats their Blue Dream that we already reviewed, but only in the amount of seeds it contains.

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