Looking at Agent Orange today.

This cultivar tracks back to SubCool’s The Dank (formally TGA Subcool), but I can track some of the earlier renditions back to MzJill. Some of Subcool’s offerings are like that, originally offered by someone else, then under the Subcool brand. NorStar and JinxProof have also had offerings go this way.

Agent Orange is a cross of Orange Velvet and TGA’s Jack the Ripper. I also see some overlap between TGA and MzJill on Orange Velvet, but I didn’t confirm which breeder it was attributed to.

Personally, my sentiments on Sundial are actually rather poor, I view them as expensive, and I’m always wondering what I’m actually buying. Conversely, when I run the numbers on variance from benchmark averages with respect to these reviews, Sundial does pretty well. So while I might not prefer them, they somehow sneak into the upper crust when I do the math.

The basic metrics on this Agent Orange are reliably disappointing, but only slightly. Price is slightly higher than average, content is slightly lower. Numbers aren’t all this listing offers, you could gravitate to this because you like Subcool’s or MzJillz Agent Orange, but you’d have to do the desk work to discover that, it’s not written on the bottle. You could also be enthralled by the recent popularity of Purple Punch, and approach this wanting to taste the citrus version, however, you would only find inauthenticity via that avenue.

The last point I’ll make to you is on the recent passing of Subcool. A person’s work becomes their legacy, and a passage of remembrance for the people left behind. That’s a major reason to see this, to get a tiny piece of what made SubCool so popular, through Sundial’s production, which I’d (cautiously) tell you is decent enough.

Check out the review below. I see it’s positive, and I suppose I’ll just have to live with that.

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