Afghani Bullrider by Jef Tek

Music Credit: DJ Quads

If you read my Ice Cream Cake Jamie cut review, this Afghani Bullrider was another gift arranged by Maxim Zavet. I happened to be out in Ontario to do The Cannalysts podcast and the Cannabis Act podcast so I was able to grab this and take it home with me. Maxim gifted me a handful of it, so I had enough to spend some time with it and really got to know it.

I found it cool and calm, with silky cherries and earths characterizing the profile complemented, somewhat antagonistically, by a flurry of wood tones. The profile is stellar and the looks are wild, but I’d tell you the interesting part is the lineage, which I wasn’t able to confirm fully. Much lore surrounds this cultivar, some say it was bred by an actual bull rider, near San Diego But I did stumble upon a Cannabis Culture article by Jef Tek that gave a pretty good indication of how the Afghani Bullrider was popularized in Canada, and I touched on it in the review. After the review, I check with Maxim on grow medium, methodology, and to ask who the grower was so I can link their social media. And I was surprised to learn this was grown by Jef Tek himself. So I hope you enjoy the read, as far as the Afghani Bullrider goes, I think this is as authentic as it gets.

Big thanks to Maxim for the gift.

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