Pushing out another Hot Carld home grown review today. These are outdoor grows from the 2019 season. 

I associate this one with Barney’s Farms, they associate it with a landrace from Mexico.


These Acapulco Gold buds are smaller in size, about the diameter of a large marble, and are all shaped like a dull cone; rounded at the top, fanning out wide to the bottom.


Scent of the ground flowers is immediately skunky, with a floral backer that softens the approach. The base of the profile is new pine, freshly split, hitting the sinus with a bitter flatness that sinks heavy, leaving the palate with a taste of flat fruit rind.


Heat introduces light spice into the flavour profile, the woodsy elements seem to blend with the spice, interpreting much drier, like sandalwood, which is left prominently on the exhale. Flat fruit adorns the mind range of the profile, anchored to a myrcene base. Feels like a good blend of sativa tones weighted down by a nice earth note, which dampens it slightly.


Thanks to Hot Carld for a visit to Barney’s Farm. Check out his collection of reviews here. And thanks for reading everyone. 

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