pancakenap is written by Brad Martin, a cannabis enthusiast, market researcher, designated and personal grower.

Brad holds a BSc with a major in the biological sciences. His work experience is primarily in project management and construction of care spaces, and real estate market research.


Most photos are available for purchase via this referral link.


This website contains qualitative reviews of retail cannabis in North America. All reviews are written freestyle and touch on these topics, if possible:

Lineage, Visuals, Olfaction, Cost

All reviews are unsolicited. There is not one single review on this website that has been bought or paid for, by any person, business or producer. This will remain constant.

Every single offering reviewed here has been purchased at the retail price, direct from the vendor. There is no supply arrangement with any vendor. 


Brad has been tracking cannabis availability and price in North America for 3 years, tracking well over a million listings per day from several hundred vendors.

Market analytics, reporting and infographics are on

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