I use a Volcano Vaporizer Classic by Storz and Bickel for these reviews. I set the temperature between 6 and 7, and review on two cycles of the chamber.

Review Process

I sit in the same spot each time, with the same vaporizer. The time of day has varied. Few of the reviews have been completed consecutively. Most reviews are completed in a series of small batches, I make comparative notes on visuals and olfactory properties for each batch, and complete the reviews as they are posted.


I review on a 3 point criteria; visuals, feel and olfaction, the latter of which I include taste.

Review Format

I set the sensory criteria with purchase stats with respect to several averages from my purchase history.

Explanation of Headers

Includes comments on size, shape, colour, surface details, and trichome coverage.


Includes comments on compressive feel, cohesiveness of grinds and consistency of grinds.


Includes sensory description, and comments on intensity, longevity and character.


Includes sensory description, and comments on intensity, longevity and character.

Value Statement

Comments on price with respect to my purchase history.


Typically written retrospectively, comments on the quality of the flower.

Consumer Benefits

Valuable product elements.

Consumer Pains

Negative product elements.


Possible channels towards this product


Possible competitive disadvantages of the product

Index Rank

Subjective ladder ranking of products based on summary of above criteria

Data Summaries

Data from price, content, days packaged and # of reviews are summarized, and compared against the individual offerings under review. The data is summarized here.

Review Protocol

I’ve written out the protocol I use in google forms.

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