Welcome to the 5th White Widow review I’ve done. 

This one is by 7ACRES, a product that was available since the start of Canada’s legalization, I just haven’t seen it until now.


I’d say the visuals are above standard. Buds are full and plump. My 3.5g pack arrived with 6 buds; 4 large, 2 small. All are similar size and shape. All are trimmed well, but not with the precision I saw on my earlier 7ACRES reviews.


Outwardly firm but with the density and moisture content that can withstand some force. Not ideal, but close. 

Scent and Taste

Frontage was floral with light powders and myrcene earths. Nothing too spectacular in projection or magnitude, but had enough to be appreciable.


Price on this offer was $38.99, or $11.14 per gram. Based on the quality I saw, we’re on the high side of fair. You’re not going to do bad with this, but if you’re already spending in the $10+ range, I’d have a look at what else is around. You could be getting something more attractive, maybe even for a bit less money. 


7ACRES White Widow, close to the best, but not the best. Far from the worst though. You get visuals and adequate olfaction. You’ll pay a slight premium in price, but I’m not sure what for. By my eye, doesn’t beat the Peace Naturals (Spinach) version in quality. And the price is 20% higher. 

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