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So I wrote this review a while ago, and posted it sometime after. You’ll see below, I’ve assumed this Amethyst is a Soma seed variety.

Was poking around the Gage Green Group menu, and I see they’ve offered something called Amethyst in the past. And I actually have no idea which one I’m reviewing, but I do pretend in the review below. Enjoy.


This was high end flower from a notable breeder, and you’d read this review for awareness of the latter, Soma Seeds.

And just for knowledge of an established breeder, who’s creations have been crossed to make something you might consider popular today. It’s also the only seed brand I know of that comes with rolling papers built right into the package.

From what I can gather, the most prolific Soma offering is Lavender, this Amethyst is their Lavender crossed with an Afghani Hawaiian.


Good visuals, top notch colouring.

Smell and taste were good, but somewhat lacking in comparison to what I was reviewing around it at the time; this seemed bland next to a cookies hybrid.

And price, it’s higher than average, especially for this vendor-type.

Buyer Motivation

Qualitative claim. Soma.


Colouring is the most noticeable visual feature. Orange stigma is vibrant against the deep purple, which appears near black. A few trim leafs have been left, bringing a vibrant green to contrast the two prominent hues. Size is on the small size, both flowers have a similar boxy shape.


Buds are not dry to the touch, but are hard as rocks, like some drier bud sometimes is.


Scents are sweet, earthy and berry. Not much depth or dynamism, low on prominence. This has very little presence inside a room.


Flavours are sweet berry and leathery earth with fresh tobacco. The top end seems slight in comparison to the deep low side. Character is gooey. With use the earths become more sandy and a lime citrus aspect begins to reveal in the berry notes.

Value Statement

Single gram price was $13; we’re probably in the base of the upper end of the spectrum. Likely there are some worthwhile offerings at this price point, and likely some pitfalls.


Quality is high end, but both smell and taste left a little to be desired. Still very good.

Consumer Benefits

Lux colours on tight buds with decent olfaction. Legendary breeder.

Consumer Pains

Qualitative claim. Maybe bud size.


Soma seeds are expensive, and well regarded; that was the majority of what brought me to this offering.



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