Looking at Hot Carld’s 4 Assed Monkey today. This was bred by Mephisto and grown outdoors in the Ontario sun.


Mephisto abbreviates this as 4AM; it’s a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 crossed to their Grape Crinkle. The resulting autoflowering plant flowers between 60 and 65 days.


Shape of these flowers are rounded. The shape overall is like a hybrid flower, I can see some jagged edges, but all seem to have a rotund appearance overall, especially at the bottom of each bud. Contributing to this shift, are the prevalent stigma that seems to furrow to itself, making these buds appear fuzzy and rounded.


Scent of the unground flowers have an attractive sweetness to them, not thin and sharp, it’s thick and chewy like a wine gum. Once ground, the flowers emit notes of strong pine amongst a thick jelly-like sweetness, accompanied by grace notes in dank lows, near musk.


Frontage on the flavours are skunky, sweet pine. The edge is so strictly herbaceous, it feels somewhat stringent, leaving a fresh feeling across the palate. With use, I found the flavours shift towards a pine composition dominated by sweet, crisp grape.

Thanks again to Hot Carld for gifting the cannabis for this review. We’re halfway through looking at his grow from last year. Check out the Pineapple Poundcake and the Amnesia XXL we looked at previously. We’ll be looking at his grow of Humboldt’s Blue Dream and Barney’s Acapulco Gold in the coming weeks.

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