Hello and welcome to my first review of a retail offering produced outdoors. This is Green House Seed’s Holy Punch and it’s produced by DelShen, and sold under the 48 North brand.


Green House has The Church, a mix of Super Skunk, Northern Lights and a Swiss Sativa. This Holy Punch is The Church crossed with something Green House calls ‘Grape’. I’d bet there is more story there.


DelShen grew it outdoors. I bought it from AB Cannabis and took some pictures of it. You clicked on the picture, so you have a pretty good idea of the quality we’re talking about here. Even if I felt there was quality to speak about, it would be very difficult to make a case for it. Here the visuals overshadow the beginning and the end; it’s a tragic tale.


Price was in the $5 per gram segment. Value to the consumer is poor, even at this price. You can look back to the Tantalus Labs Blue Dream review, that was purchased at the same time and in the same price segment. The differences in the two are clear, and why I feel this Holy Punch is poor value, relatively.


This is the ugliest retail flower you’re able to see on this website so far. I probably have to say that to be fair to everything else I said was ugly. Now let’s say some good stuff:

Holy Punch is a relatively new offering from Green House Seeds, and not common in our legal market.

I have no experience with this phenotype specifically, but I think running this Holy Punch outdoors is a brave choice, the description from Green House doesn’t exactly scream ‘good for outdoors in Canada’.

This package contained numerous fully matured seeds, that’s a positive if you choose to look at it that way. You might even feel the seeds cover the value of this product.

 I remain open to the possibility of good outdoor cannabis, so I look forward to doing more reviews in this category. Thanks for reading the review today.

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