MASS Measure

We take weights of most products during the review. This is Squid Pants’ idea and he is the most diligent at recording the data. I do okay.

Product Types Included

We’re kinda making these dashboards up as we go along. Right now I’ve excluded edible and cartridge product types. We have data for flower and hash. If we can figure out how to reliably weigh extract products we’ll include those too.

Source of Error

There’s some source of error here I want to note. We use two different scales that both weigh to the hundredth of a gram. Squid Pants calibrates his scale often, again, I do okay.  I sometimes won’t weigh shake or dust that comes with the cannabis; I’m not sure what Squid Pants does in these circumstances. Are the surfaces we measure on level? Who knows!? I’m not checking. Squid Pants’ probably isn’t either, let’s assume. I’m going to cut it off here, but other areas of error exist here too; for sure, for sure.

Value of Difference in MaSS

The next step is to remain ignorant of any % error present, and use the purchase price with the difference in mass between what we expected to get and the ‘actual’ weight to calculate the dollar amount we were shorted, or not. Said a different way; we’re finding out what the amount short or over is worth, based on the price paid.

Running Sum

First we want to know if we’re up or down on these reviews. We want to know the total amount we’ve been shorted, or the total overage we’ve been gifted.

To do this we average the values of the differences in mass for all reviews by month, and we calculate the running sum of those averages over time.

Over the total term we appear to be up a couple bucks. You can use the filter at the top to restrict the date to see how the behaviour changes over the  timeline.


Next we want to know which brands short or provide overages most often. To do this, we take the average value of the mass difference by brand, and plot those values on a bar graph. Tap or hover each datapoint to show more information.

Individual Products

Now we’re going to step down a level of detail into the individual products we reviewed. In this view we’ve dropped the average calculation to look at the value of the mass difference for each individual product. Products are listed by the average value of the mass difference, but products we’ve reviewed twice are shown on their own line. Tap or hover each datapoint to show more information.

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