Hey pancakenap here, looking back at all the whole flower reviews we did last year. Changes since 2021 We did this for write up 2021, check back to it here.  This year is a bit different. Squid Pants is here now, so we

Intro Hi, it’s Squid Pants here looking at another pack of pre-rolls today.  This time it’s Animal Face from one of my favourite producers, Carmel.  Surprisingly this isn’t one I’d recommend, and it’s for all the usual pre-roll reasons.  Let’s break

Smaller Home grows, Are they worth it? We wrote this for people who have never grown at home before. People wondering if it's even worth spending the money on a small tent and light. Those wondering how much cannabis you can

pancakenap here with Drift Alien Cake 3030. List of Reviews Squid Pants and I use a Google form to review each offering of cannabis. That form connects to a spreadsheet, which connects to a data preparation program that joins my old reviews

Intro Squid Pants here, going on and on about Pink Kush again. Pink Kush Ah, my beloved Pink Kush, my most favoured descendent of OG Kush.  A real Pink Kush too, not that crappy Tom Ford cross.  Before recreational legalisation this Pink Kush

Hey pancakenap here with Back Forty Sour Cherry Gummies. Purchase stats We got a 10mg THC gummy product here. Price was $3.89. Bought at Canna Cabana. They showed the market price at $5.99 for this product. This product came with a desiccant

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