Hey there, pancakenap here writing about some flower I purchased at North 40 called El Gordo. Summary The was a really nice, gassy OG Kush with a some well rounded earth tones playing secondary which give the flavour profile a big body.

Hey pancakenap here drinking Mollo Lime. Mollo I've tried Mollo before. It's fine. Nothing I'd seek out, but I don't mind drinking one. Store So I'm in Value Buds one day with a list of drink and edible products I'd like to buy. I'm

It’s Squid Pants here and we need to have a little talk. This isn’t Pink Kush, this is Tom Ford Pink Kush.  Tom Ford Pink Kush is, from my perspective, simply inferior.  More than once I’ve gotten what I thought

Hey pancakenap here. I'm looking at Cosmic Funk by North 40's processor brand Red Barn. Grower on this batch was The Victoria Cannabis Company, I surmise. Real name of the flower being offered here is Space Cake, by Bohdi. Summary Cosmic Funk was

Hey pancakenap here doing a beverage review. We're looking at Summit Lemonade Iced Tea today. Grabbed a few drinks and thought I would review them. These go pretty quick and just hits the high points of the product. We track the

Hey-o, pancakenap here doing Gary Payton by Cookies! When this website is not under attack from a country in west Africa, about 50% of our traffic comes from the US, the other half is from Canada. Cookies is an American brand,

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