We use a sensory criteria to evaluate how the cannabis looks, feels, smells and tastes. Right now we add all those numbers up for each offering, and that's what we use to create our ranked list of reviews, or the

MASS Measure We take weights of most products during the review. This is Squid Pants' idea and he is the most diligent at recording the data. I do okay. Product Types Included We're kinda making these dashboards up as we go along. Right

Intro It’s Squid Pants here and today I am seeing what $2.00 gets you in the legal cannabis market.  Past experience says across categories you get disappointment regardless of price, let’s see if that trend holds here! Producer Twd. What else can be added,

Intro Squid Pants here checking out a balanced cart from Viola.  This is from the medical market and I’m as unenthusiastic to write about it as the Canadian producer is!  Because I tried to contact them with questions but they just

Hey there, pancakenap is your reviewer today and we got Broken Coast's Amnesia Haze.  I'd call it a decent offering with a simple flavour profile. I often find myself longing for tropical tastes as the summer begins but that requires starting

Hey there, doing Ogen's dosi-GMOsi #13 today. Got a few particulars to run through on this one so let's get to it. This retail Cannabis was gifted to me, I didn't buy it Every review I've done so far was bought at

This post tracks the average cannabinoid content logged during the course of these reviews. Granular data is plotted monthly and we also show the moving average (n=90). The static average across the timeline is shown by the grey bar. High and

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