This dashboard tracks spending for the reviews on this website. Total sum of spending for all reviewers is shown top left. To the right is the total number of reviews performed and the average spent per review. Below we show running sum

This dashboard tracks the average price we've paid for whole flower cannabis during the course of these reviews. We also show standard deviations from the average (-1, -0.5, 0.5, and 1). This chart orients price points in the Canadian cannabis market.

This dashboard counts reviews as we upload them. Counts for the total number of reviews and reviewers are shown at the top, and shown relatively by reviewer at the right side. We also show the count of reviews in two different

Hey pancakenap, late to the game with Organnicraft Platinum Grapes. A bunch of notable reviewers have already seen this. Besides the pictures and purchase stats, I don't really have anything new to add here. Like everyone else, I found good quality.

Reviews by Score Here is a list of every flower product we've reviewed over the past 8 months in alphabetical order. Each bar signifies the amount of points awarded for each offering. The line on the graph denotes the average for

Intro Squid Pants here, today we are going to look at Jealousy under the BLKMKT label.  This is another very hyped and recommended-to-me release.  Who am I to say no to peer pressure?  If everyone else is smoking this then me

Hey pancakenap here, got some MAC1 Bubble Hash by Hank or Embark Delta. Old review on an old product going on here. Bought this one at Shelter Market in fall of 2021, the product was about a year old at that

Hey pancakenap here, with a wax product, this one is called "Hybrid" by Crooked Dory. The producer here is Atlantic Cultivation or Noya Cannabis, both are listed. Newfoundland Perhaps the most interesting part of the review is the region this product is

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