Intro It’s Squid Pants here checking out Frozen Lemons from Msiku.  Here we try and separate the cannabis from the context of the producer.  Mostly.  This review makes me uncomfortable, so let’s dive in and watch me fidget uncomfortably! Frozen Lemons Frozen Lemons

  pancakenap here, with sugarbud's Krypto Chronic #2. Sugarbud Krypto Chronic Store I got this one on discount at Alberta Cannabis' closing sale. Lineage This is a mix of Alien Cookies, Fruity Pebbles and Jet Fuel Gelato. Breeder Breeder is Alien Labs. Price Price for this offering ($25.99) was about

Black Sugar Rose From Color Intro The correct spelling is “Colour” and hey, it’s Squid Pants here, I’m an old man and GET OFF MY LAWN! Black Sugar Rose Black Sugar Rose is Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds.  The genetics are Critical Mass

  pancakenap here, doing Greenterra's Wedding Cake. Greenterra Wedding Cake I got this one on steep discount at Shelter Market's closing sale. The quality is basic, but more than you'd expect from a $69 ounce, I'd expect. I gave the offering 47 out of

    INTRO Compelling genetics marred by numerous compromises.  Squid Pants here checking out Mtl Cannabis’ version of Cookies N’ Cream. Cookies N' Cream Cookies N’ Cream (in Quebec sold as Cookies N’ Crème) was originally bred by Exotic Genetics and is Startfighter X Girl

  Hey pancakenap here, doing Greenway's Sun County Kush, as purchased through Shelter Market. This is a review of a budget greenhouse ounce. This package contained a large amount of stemmy lowers, popcorn bud, smalls, and some medium sized buds. I chose

  Hey pancakenap here, reviewing Purple Moonlight. Like the Gas Daddy review, I'm just phoning this in for awareness. This one has a unique flavour profile, that I didn't prefer but still thought it was wild enough to talk about. Read back

  Hey pancakenap here, with an Afghani, grown by legacy brand Sunkissed. Synopsis of this review is the flower is good quality greenhouse product with an interesting lineage. Lineage As per the vendor, the lineage here is Afghan Kush x OG Kush Visuals Probably one of

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