Hey pancakenap here, I'm walking you through blind review #4. This is a review that Squid Pants and I perform together. We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and summarize what we found during the video call. Then we each

Hey pancakenap here, reviewing Gas Daddy. Bit of a slump review here today. Thought it was a cool product; good looks, new (to me) cross, cool colours etc. About halfway though this offering, I discovered powdery mildew in another offering sold

Hey pancakenap here. I grew a couple of Supertron plants by Humboldt Seed Organization. In this post I have a few photos and what it was like to grow. This was freebie seed from Neptune Seedbank, so thanks to them for providing

Hey pancakenap here, with a Rockstar. This is a legacy market offering, so no brand is given and no producer takes credit for it. As a transition into the next section, a reminder: if I find a point of detraction in the

Intro High quality but high prices on this Lot 420's Gelato 33.  Squid Pants here, let’s see if this manages to justify its price. Gelato 33 Gelato 33 is definitely a cross of Sunset Sherbert and a Thin Mints GSC.  That’s the only

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