Hey pancakenap here, looking back at all the whole flower reviews we did last year.

Changes since 2021

We did this for write up 2021, check back to it here

This year is a bit different. Squid Pants is here now, so we have coverage from Ontario. We’re working off a different sensory criteria, so each review comes with more information. Cannabis packaging is starting to show more data. We look at terpenes this year, and we’re collecting extra data (harvest times, for instance) that we’ll use later.


The summary includes every review we did (branded product only, if the brand was not provided the review was excluded), and focuses on the top segments from each of these perspectives:

  • Price
  • Content
    • Cannabinoid
    • Terpene
  • Quality
  • Packaging Length
all Reviews from 2022

First let’s look at a list of all reviews performed last year. We did 51 reviews of product from 38 brands, and we purchased those at 16 different vendors. Without looking, 51 products is probably less than 10% of the total count of all dried cannabis SKUs released this year in a 3.5g format. We strive to see the good stuff but in terms of the total market coverage we miss more offerings than we see.

All whole flower product that we purchased this year is included. Legal recreational market only. Everything else is added unfiltered, we’ve included it all.

In the table below I show the product’s brand, house name (or the name of the product), the vendor and the months we reviewed it.

We have a broader distribution of vendors this year, 16 this year versus 10 last year. The actual number is likely closer to 20. I see that Squid Pants is citing the location of the chains he visits whereas I am not. I show all stores I visit under the chain name. I do not cite the location.

Looks like BC Black and North40 were the most reviewed brand. Like last year, November was the month with the most purchases. We also had a high peak of reviews in February. Maybe someone was trying to buck the yearly February sales dip with some spending (it didn’t help at all).

A couple products were reviewed twice; Organnicraft Platinum Grapes was reviewed by Squid Pants and myself.

Review Counts

Below I show count of reviews for the year (slide 1), a breakdown by the package sizes that were purchased (slide 2), and a breakdown of purchases by vendor (slide 3).

Pack Sizes

We’re mostly buying 3.5 gram packages of whole flower. I grabbed a couple of ounces throughout the year, most haven’t been posted at the time of writing.


We use a mix of medical and recreational vendors. From my angle, Squid Pants seems to prefer local stores to him (he’s in Toronto) and I’m usually checking the value chains for the best price, but will also sweep in like a vulture and buy a bunch of items at a store’s closing sale.

 Products by Price from 2022

Last year we did the the 20 cheapest rates I paid for cannabis in 2021. This year I show the whole distribution from top to bottom. 

I show the price point and the package size it came from, plus all the product information; product name, brand and vendor. On the far right is the reviewer that purchased the cannabis.

Low Side

Greenterra Weeding Cake is the cheapest ounce we saw all year. That was purchased at Shelter Market’s closing sale.

Breezing past a few offerings with a failing grade lands us at Green Tec’s (Alberta Craft Cannabis) Lee Anne Womac, that’s what I’d relate as my best deal of the year. That price is shown with the 20% discount for new patients, so rare value there.

Joi Botanicals gets a strong shout-out from me for their Super Lemon Haze CBD. Loved that. They’re one brand I have on my radar which I rarely see where I shop.

High Side

Everything we’ve purchased priced above $10 per gram is in the eighth format. The top of the list is dominated by Squid Pants’ Ontario purchases. Lots of Alberta Craft Cannabis (BLKMKT & Tenzo) on the list too.

One outlier to note is GP20 from Cookies. The highest priced offering we saw all year. Sold to me by Canna Cabana, who bills itself as a value chain. Possibly the year’s biggest flop, the flower ended up being aged, C grade cannabis.

GreenTec Lee Anne Womac
Desirable products from 2022

If you were to ask us which products we enjoyed the most, or had the most positive sentiments about, this would be the list. No quality or value measurements were used to make the list; it’s just our shoot-from-the-hip, subjective feel for the product after buying it.

Desirability is shown out of ten points, with 10 being the best. All whole flower products are shown in descending order. The list below includes the top 15, or the top 30% of what we saw this year, based purely on sentiment. 

Msiku, Pineapple Buds, Organnicraft and CanWe tops the list. Here are a two other worthy mentions.

Tribal Gelato Mint
Top Quality Products from 2022

For each product we review the visuals, feel and olfaction of the cannabis flower using a sensory criteria out of 70 points. We take standard deviations from the average to convert the rating to a letter grade.

Below we show the products that achieved notable quality. The list below includes the top 10 of the 50+ offerings, or the top 20% of what we saw this year.

Here are the offerings that stood out:

Top Cannabinoid COntent from 2022

Cannabinoid content: not something you can ignore but also not something to base the entire purchase decision around. Definitely not a reliable indicator of quality or value.

At least, it’s a number to look at. Which is what we do below, for the top ten, in order of largest to smallest.

Anything GMO wins this year. Save for Okanna Craft’s Mac Flurry. Check out all the GMO flavours below:

To be fair, Cosmic Funk isn’t a GMO cross, but it does taste like it. Both El Gordo and Farm Gas has it down the line somewhere.

The Victoria Cannabis Company Cosmic Funk
Top Terpene COntent from 2022

We’re also doing top terpene content this year.

Terpene content: not something you can ignore but also not something to base the entire purchase decision around. Definitely not a reliable indicator of quality or value. Not an indicator of the lab procedure used, or the number of terpene standards tested for. Not a precise indicator of all aromatic compounds contained in the cannabis, nor is it an indicator of how sensitive you’ll be to those compounds. 

At least, it’s a number to look at. Which is what we do below, for the top ten, in order of largest to smallest.

Here are the ones I remember being the tastiest, despite the number on the side:

Packaging Lengths

Below I show the average packaging length for every vendor we purchased from this year. I also show the number of purchases.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t show what we bought from each vendor. To do this comparison correctly, you’d need to buy the same stuff from each vendor, at the same time. Whereas we purchased a mix of product from each vendor throughout the year.

We are consistently purchasing older cannabis in 2022. In the list below, I show products with packaging lengths below 100 days. The list is sorted by brand, according to average packaging length.

North 40 El Gordo
Favourites for the year

These are my picks. Not by any measure. Just the ones I liked the best.

If you’re on this list, I sincerely enjoyed your cannabis. Thanks for making it.

  1.  North 40 El Gordo
  2. Organnicraft Platinum Grapes
  3. BZAM Cobra Lips
Honourable Mentions

Thanks for reading this post, and the reviews over this year.

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