Hey pancakenap here, looking back at all the whole flower reviews I did last year. The summary includes every review I did (branded product only, if the brand was not provided the review was excluded), and focuses on the top segments

  Hey pancakenap here, doing Table Top's Sticky Buns. I also see listings for Superflower's Buns n Roses with Sticky Buns in parenthesis, so I'd speculate this flower may also be sold under another brand as well.  Lineage The lineage is given as

  Hey pancakenap here, with some greenhouse flower. This is Sunkissed's version of Sorbetto, bred by Aficionado Seeds. Breeder I'm unfamiliar with Aficionado Seeds, so I'm going do a quick look up on them, feel free to come along if you like. Here's their

  Hey pancakenap here, doing Cali's Big Budda Cheese. Producer on this one is SESS Holdings. I like this cultivar because I think the Afghani influence subdues the harsher elements of the Cheese profile. Which is pretty much what I wrote in

  Hey, pancakenap here, with a beverage review. This time it's Bedfellows' Haus Mates. I suppose cannabinoid content is an interesting point. The ratio is 3:1 THC to CBD (7.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD). Short review here today. Below, I just make a few

Intro One dimensional, faint taste and tons of pseudoscientific marketing nonsense are the hallmarks of this I.C.C. cartridge from Kolab Project.  It’s Squid Pants here taking a bullet for all you good people. I.C.C. My guess is here I.C.C. is meant to stand

Hey pancakenap here, with Dosi-GMOsi, by OGEN. Like the Bacio Punch, I think this is another cross created by OGEN. Parents are said to be Skunk Master Flex's GMO (I assume, there are many copies) with Archive's Do-Si-Dos. Visuals Small buds with good

Hey pancakenap here, with Sunkissed's version of In House Genetic's Blunicorn. This is cannabis grown in a greenhouse. Lineage As per the vendor's listing: Unicorn Piss x Blue Sherbet. Breeder was In House Genetics. Visuals Colouring is dark green to near black purple. Size is

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