Even though it came at such a low price, taking the good with the bad is a losing proposition on this offering of Death Bubba by Pure SunFarms. Hey pancakenap here, for Death Bubba. This one's done by Pure SunFarms. Pure SunFarms I

Hey there, pancakenap here, with a hash stick, by Hazel. Product Description Bought this at Value Buds, where there was no description given, just says indica on the label. I've seen this listed elsewhere and the vendor lists the offering as Death

Dunn Cannabis wows with the appearance and presentation, while providing likeable scent and taste, despite the age of the cannabis being 3 times the average of my purchases. Intro Hey pancakenap here. Got some Screwhead by Dunn Cannabis. This was sold under

Hey pancakenap here, thanks for joining me. We're looking at Milk Runtz. I was shopping one Friday, and I got a email on a sale from one the the vendors I follow. One of the items on sale was over my

Qwest's version of Surfr's Point Break has some flashy tastes, but not enough to distract from the scrappy looks and high price point. Hey there, pancakenap here with another Qwest Reserve product I bought on sale. This time it's Point Break,

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