Looking at a one gram vape cartridge containing delta-9 distillate today. No brand here, this is legacy product. Vape Cart Experience This review is written by a vape cart rookie, I've got 2 under my belt at the time of writing. Technically

Organnicraft brings bright flavours and great quality flower, at a favorable price with their Lilac Diesel.   Thanks for joining me today. Got a pretty straight shot here; it's a quality product for a price that I felt good paying. One night my

Hey pancakenap here, doing another group of gummy reviews. This one is on Dynathrive Apple Cider Vinegar gummies, which is a CBD gummy done by a producer called Dynaleo. Gummy Reviews For these gummy reviews I grab one offering from every brand

Hey, pancakenap here with a write up about a blind review Squid Pants and I performed in early August 2021. Setup   I used listing data to find products available in both Ontario, where Squid Pants reviews from, and Alberta, where I live.

Time for another TCLEWSI write-up.  TCLEWSI; Because if every aspect of your life is going to be judged by everyone you meet, you might as well take the rare opportunity to see how you rank compared to others according to

Hey, panakenap here. Doing a couple edible reviews on products that don't follow the current licensing standards. Check back to this one I did on a CBD gummy product. And this one of a beef jerky product. These reviews go quick, and

Squid Pants here with another TCLEWSI entry.  TCLEWSI; The only thing you stand to lose is bragging rights among a small group of people whereas the only thing you stand to win is bragging rights with the same small group of

Hey pancakenap here. Gummy Reviews Preparing to do some more gummy reviews from the legal side coming up. Thought I’d post this review on a gummy product that came from the legacy side, for comparative purposes. Short review here. There’s no ingredients list

Squid Pants here with another TCLEWSI entry.  TCLEWSI; because you just don’t have the money nor the connections needed to pay off the judges in a big name competition!  Pancakenap is still on his expedition to Candyland.  I tried to tell

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