Canuck Cookies Looking at Verte West's Canuck Cookie, this is sold through the brand Farmsted. Like Farmstead's Cafe Racer, this is discounted product that started at a high price point. First it was listed at $47 when it was released in November,

Was really impressed by the Kolab ICC diamonds, both from a quality and price standpoint, Tropicana Cookies. By both measures it was better than the diamond product I had reviewed previously. I felt a bit of pride for Canadian cannabis; thinking

Today we review some Weed Me Blackberry. Buds are popcorn sized, mostly untrimmed. Being generous; profile has merit and is low in prominence, flavours are subtle. Weed me blackberry Price is below average for (my experience buying) this package size, but still feels expensive. Grabbed

Always one of my favourite parts of any blind cannabis contest, guessing the cultivar guesses or flower. I find it difficult to do, especially if I have no previous experience with the grower or flower. I find myself guessing what I

Vkush Update on the previous post, where both sprouts were growing in a peat puck. Calgary has been getting some cold weather lately, so much that I can't put plants outside. Had both sprouts near a window, and they got long in

BLACK CHERRY PUNCH Checking out Edison's version, bred by In House Genetics. Package size is single gram, and the vendor is Alberta Cannabis. Price was $10 and quality was ok, but not great. Came with a humidipak, and the feel was good. The price

Grow Discussion Tclewsi, I attend a call each week where Squid Pants hosts a group of home growers. Each week there’s the main topic, usually, one of the groups presenting, then we do a tour of one of our grows, usually

PARKLAND FLOWER Since the last entry on these two seeds from Parkland Flower, I've placed the seeds into peat pucks, labeled them, and returned them to the heat mat. They'll sit for a few days, until I see roots emerge through the

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