Today we review a tea bag. This one is called Focus No. 350, it's done by TerrAscend, and is sold through their brand Haven St. Tea, particularly loose leaf tea has some parallels with cannabis, especially in the way you navigate

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today; on this website, where I review the cannabis in the container, totally separate from my personal feelings on a producer's approach to their consumers, such as the one depicted in this

Thanks for joining me today, we're going to review an unbranded version of Lindsay OG. In a nutshell, this is a very well regarded, cup winning, OG of unknown lineage, named after Lindsay, Ontario and bred by Chad Jackett of Liberty

CHOCOLATE REVIEWS Reviewed this one 6th of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March. Time of review was 6:28pm. Again, no set protocol with these reviews. I've lazily reviewed a few chocolate review criteria, and I make sensory observations about the

Checking out a new producer today, and the first producer with a brand thats just a suffix; we're looking at -ness Black Cherry Punch. Lineage Black Cherry Punch is a Black Cherry Pie with a Purple Punch, we've seen it here before.  BUYER

GUMMY REVIEWS This review is part of the second set of gummy reviews completed March of 2021. TIMING All reviews were completed within an hour of each other. REVIEW PROTOCOL I make comments on sensory elements of each. And I’ve summarized comments from a registered

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