Gummy Reviews This is one of 4 reviews of gummy edible product completed March of 2021. Purchase method Selection methodology was buying one flavour of each brand of gummy I hadn't tried before. Timing All reviews were completed within an hour of each other. Review Protocol I

Checking out a dawg cross today, this is an unbranded Four Star General. Buyer Motivation Someone I follow on twitter called this ‘the dawg of dawgs’. That got me. Visuals Good, from some angles; rugged looks from others. One upper bud with a few

Post review preamble So I wrote this review a while ago, and posted it sometime after. You'll see below, I've assumed this Amethyst is a Soma seed variety. Was poking around the Gage Green Group menu, and I see they've offered something

Crossed an Archive Seed's Race Fuel (Face Off OG x High Octane OG) male to a Jordan of the Islands' Zeus (Cactus (Afghani x Northern Lights) x God Bud) female. Grew a bunch of the resulting seeds. Thinned them down to

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