Doing High School Sweetheart today, this is from one of my favourite breeders, Gage Green Group, or Gage Green Genetics sometimes. You could say triple G, G cubed, or, as I like to call them; Real Gage. Lineage This is Cherry Pie

Chocolate Reviews Reviewed 3rd of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March. As I said before, there's no set protocol with these reviews. I try to get you all the sensory observations needed to approach the product; and I'll tell you

Checking out an unbranded Blackberry Platinum today. Listed as AAAA, it was the quad qualitative claim that motivated me to buy it. Buyer Motivation Quad A qualitative claim Visuals Prominent trichomes offer the greatest evidence for the quad A designation, the rest of it

Gummy Reviews This is one of 4 reviews of gummy edible product completed March of 2021. Purchase method Selection methodology was buying one flavour of each brand of gummy I hadn't tried before. Timing All reviews were completed within an hour of each other. Review Protocol I

Talking Zerpal Punch today, a Zkittlez, Purple Punch cross, thanks for joining me for it. The vendor listed this as 'Zerpal', I've also seen this more commonly spelled Zurple, just an FYI on spelling. Buyer Motivation Strain name, lineage. Visuals Colouring is shifted to the

Edible Reviews Second in the set of 7 chocolate reviews here. All reviews were completed concurrently, within about an hour. And there's no set protocol. I make sensory observations, and provide comment based on my personal preferences. Consumer Report I've decided not to add price

Reviewing an unbranded Colorado favourite today, this is Tahoe OG. Sometimes I have pictures of the location the strain or cultivar is named after. Never been to Lake Tahoe, but I hear it's nice. Buyer Motivation Strain name Visuals Milky trichomes appear more prominent with

Reviewing a wax product here. This is Qwest's sub-brand Blendcraft, and the product is called Sativa Wax. Review Protocol This is the first wax review I've performed. Just going to give sensory analysis, no price analysis. Also not going to use the Volcano

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