A couple of years ago I had an In House Genetics' Silky Johnson F2 plant that grew really big and strong, turned out to be male, so I let it pollenate the entire space, and all the other plants I

var mantis = mantis || []; mantis.push(['display', 'load', { property: '5e345dde47529a0006cdc9eb' }]); A Sunday ritual for me is looking through the pages of the Alberta Cannabis website. I mostly look at the flower, just seeing what's new, and seeing what's on sale. I'm checking

Today we look at Skosha Lemon Dory, or Lemon Nigerian, as grown by Breathing Green Solutions. I bought this late last year, didn't process the review until now. You can probably take that as a sign, there isn't really anything thrilling

 Looking at Quatreau's Ginger + Lime in this review. This was my favourite drink of the 5, just for how drinkable it was. Wasn't heavy, not a lot of sugar. Besides the cloudy appearance, there's not much separating this from sparkling

Looking at an unbranded variety today, that the vendor applied a quad A designation to, which was my motivation for buying it. This was listed as AAAA Denis Pink. Not sure which vowels to emphasize, or if there is an apostrophe

Looking at Tweed's Houndstooth & Soda today. Quick cuts on this one; it's below average price, below average content. Below average price by volume. When you do the math on content, it's a bit more expensive than average. Flavour Tastes are abbreviated sweets over

Hey, Journaling a grow I recently completed here. This post shows info on time, location, and yield. And then I run some calculations based on the dataset.   Notes on the grow: Method Grow method is DWC hydro, under LED light, fertilizer is mostly aquaponic water

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