Hey pancakenap here, looking back at all the whole flower reviews I did last year.

The summary includes every review I did (branded product only, if the brand was not provided the review was excluded), and focuses on the top segments from each of these perspectives:

  • Price
  • Content
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Packaging Length
all Reviews from 2021

First let’s look at a list of all reviews performed last year. I did 56 reviews of product from 39 brands, and I purchased those at 10 different vendors.

All whole flower product is included, but I’ve excluded products without a brand. Everything else is added unfiltered; all package sizes and grow methods.

In the table below I show the product’s brand, house name (or the name of the product), the vendor and the months I reviewed it.

Most of the products came from Alberta Cannabis (they deliver) or Value Buds (they’re cheap).

Looks like Ogen was the most reviewed brand. November was the month with the most purchases.

A couple products were reviewed twice; Broken Coast’s Pipe Dream and Edison’s Black Cherry Punch.

Review Counts

Below I show count of reviews for the year (slide 1), a breakdown by the package sizes that were purchased (slide 2), a breakdown of purchases by vendor (slide 3), and count of review by price per gram (slide 4).

Cheapest Priced Products from 2021

This list gives the 20 cheapest rates I paid for cannabis in 2021. 

I show the price point and the package size it came from, plus all the product information; product name, brand and vendor. On the far right is are the ranks for each price point, from least to most.

Table Top Grease Monkey
Top Ranked Reviews from 2021

If you were to ask me which products I enjoyed the most, or had the most positive sentiments about, this would be the list. No quality or value measurements were used to make the list; it’s just my shoot-from-the-hip, subjective feel for the product after buying it.

Rank for the year is show on the right. All whole flower products are shown in the order that I liked them, with 1 being the best. The list below includes the top 20, or the top third of what I saw this year, based purely on sentiment. 

I’d tell you the best thing I saw all year was Space Flight Superstar from Ogen. After I learned the true genetics (Jet Fuel Gelato), I can’t say the sentiment was long lasting, but I was quite taken with the flavour profile at the time I saw it. 

Honourable mentions go to anyone in the 4-9 range; depending on your preferences, all could be ‘the best’. I’ll single out two of my favourites:

I really enjoyed both and they’re worth a second purchase. 

sugarbud Mule Fuel
Top Quality Products from 2021

For each product I review the visuals, feel and olfaction of the cannabis flower using good, neutral, bad ratings. I convert the rating to a letter grade (read more about how I calculate quality here).

Below I show the products that achieved notable quality. I didn’t want to leave anybody out so I’m showing anything that was graded an A- or better this year.

Check out Dunn Cannabis’ Screwhead for a good example of bag appeal in a 3.5g package, Natural History’s ACDC Cookies for a neato CBD dominant cultivar and Kootenay Living Soil Collective’s Kush Mints for a stellar 3.5g package from a legacy brand.

Dunn Cannabis Screwhead
Top Value Products from 2021

Using the quality rating and the price from the product, value is calculated for each review (read more about value here).

The list below shows all products from this year that were found to have at least above average value. I show the value heading on the far left, with the quality rating and price point on the far right.

Check out Farmstead Cafe Racer for an older product that was bought on sale which ended up being great quality. Back Forty Animal Mints was purchased right when it was released and I thought the price point was great.

Back Forty Animal Mints
Top Cannabinoid COntent from 2021

Cannabinoid content: not something you can ignore but also not something to base the entire purchase decision around. Definitely not a reliable indicator of quality or value.

At least, it’s a number to look at. Which is what we do below, in order of largest to smallest.

Topping the list is Ogen’s Dosi GMOsi. Followed Point Break and Kush Mints by Qwest Reserve.

Qwest Reserve Point Break
Average Cannabinoid COntent Throughout 2021

Over the licensed offerings I purchased throughout 2021, the average total cannabinoid content was about 21% THC+CBD% (shown below, slide 1).

Average for THC dominant cultivars was 22% THC+CBD% (shown below, slide 2). Average for balanced and CBD dominant cultivars was 14% THC+CBD% (shown below, slide 3).

Packaging Lengths

Below I show the quickest packaging length for every vendor that I made more than 2 purchases at this year. I also show the average and the number of purchases.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t show what I bought from each vendor. To do this comparison correctly, you’d need to buy the same stuff from each vendor, at the same time. Whereas I purchased a mix of product from each vendor throughout the year.

In the list below, I show products with packaging lengths below my current average (69 days). The list is sorted by brand, according to average packaging length.

Thanks for reading this post, and the reviews over this year.


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