This review is the first in a series of reviews of cannabis from the vendor Grow House. Here we look at an unbranded offering of Sour Diesel. Thanks for reading the review. I give the highlights below. Stats + notes are shown

I make neem oil soap for my Mom each year around the holidays. Had some leftover starting materials this year, so I thought I would make some soap for myself and try to infuse it with rosin. I'm not really sure if

This post summarizes data from cannabis drink reviews. Price, Content and Energy Price Package price is shown via the top left bar graph. Average package price is shown by the grey line. Colour is denotes the price peg mg of content.  Sugar I asked a

Intro Thanks for joining me for the review today, we're looking at Mollo 5. This is one of five cannabis drinks I've purchased. Thought I would put together a review of each, with some calculations on the averages based on the five purchases. I

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