Thanks for joining me for the review this week. Looking at Atlas Growers, they sell under their brand Natural History, and we're looking at their grow of LA Kush Cake. Highlights Quality is the highlight for this review, this is very likeable. The price

Looking at Headband today, this is Pure SunFarms. My previous review of Headband came from Grail, or Tilray. For the $50 price tag, the quality was very poor. This PSF version beats it with no problem, at about half the price.  Highlights This

Thanks for joining me for this week's review, we're looking at Delta 9's Stargazer. Lineage You'll read below that I've confused this with Broken Coast's Star Gazer; which is likely wrong. While browsing seed websites the other day, I stumbled upon a breeder

Checking out Tantalus Labs' Sky Pilot today, thanks for joining me for it. This offering has been out for a while, I haven't made my way around to it up until now. Highlights Tastes are memorable here. The profile has a unique feel. I

Hey, looking at a Strain Rec today. Strain Rec; sounds the short form an emergency room doctor would chart for a patient who spent the night eating ghost pepper hot wings, but this is actually a cannabis brand. And we're reviewing Candy

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