Hey, thought I’d run through my notes on some of the plants I grew this summer. You’d read this just for awareness for different cultivars. You may see these offered in the retail market, or you might consider growing them yourself.

Looking at Canaca’s Glue today. I’d expect we are supposed to associate with Gorilla Glue; or one of the phenotypes.  VISUALS Visuals are poor. Size and development varies throughout. I received two medium sized buds with a collection of scant lowers. Trim is

Looking at an Ethos bred variety today, produced by Weed Me, this is Grandpa’s Stash. REQUESTS I’m doing this review by way of a request that came from this producer, or someone working for them. I take requests, but actually don’t get too

Looking at Peace Natural's Diesel today, this is sold under their brand Spinach. VISUALS Most visual elements are excellent on these buds. Size is miscellaneous, I received one large bud and several medium to small buds. Trim is really good, except for one

Today we review Tilray's Citrus Tangerine, sold under their brand Canaca. Motivator for this buy was price. This was on discount at Lake City Cannabis. The price at the independent store was less than the same offering from the provincial monopoly. VISUALS Visuals

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