Today we continue our quest with Bhodi's Goji OG, by looking at one produced by a company called Qwest. Also called We Grow BC, which isn't as slick if you ask me. LINEAGE Quick check on the lineage for Goji OG, it's

For each product I review, I have 3 criteria which I mark 'good', 'neutral' or 'bad'. These criteria are 'visuals', 'feel' and 'olfaction'. Olfaction is probably the most important dimension I review on, it's the most necessary of the three. When I

Today we review Tantalus Labs' Pacific OG, which is their variant of Goji OG. I'll admit I know nothing of this offering, only that it's bred by Bhodi, so let's discuss the lineage. Lineage Goji OG is a cross of Nepali OG and

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